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High Voltage Diodes
VMI manufactures a variety of discrete high voltage diodes ranging from 1kV to 16kV Vrwm, and 3000ns to 30ns Trr.

New! ViPS-40 High Voltage Power Supply
ViPS-40 High Voltage XRF Power Supply
ViPS-40 HVPS Supply Data Sheet

Opto-diodes and Opto-couplers
VMI manufactures a 10kV opto-diode, and opto-couplers ranging from 2500V to 25kV.

More Power Supplies!

Learn more about VMI's standard and custom high voltage power supplies!

Voltage Multiplier and Rectifier Assemblies
VMI designs and manufactures diode assemblies, including voltage multipliers and high voltage stacks, for many different applications. Standard product lines include miniature hybrid multipliers used in image intensification apps, to custom, three phase bridges useful in TWT system.

MultipliersPVM hybrid multiplier for image intensifying applications


Custom voltage multiplier designs include Cockroft-Walton series half-wave style, parallel multipliers, full-wave multipliers at DC output voltages up to 120kV.

VMI offers standard product lines of rectifiers up to 45kV, single-phase bridges up to 20kV/leg, and custom electrical specifications and custom packaging.


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