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E-Zorb High Voltage High Reverse Power Diodes

E-Zorb Diode and LogoDiode SchematicRoHS Compliant

Manufactured using VMI's Reverse Power Technology, E-Zorb diodes absorb up to 400mJ Reverse Avalanche Energy (Ersm) at 10kVrwm without damage.

Features include

  • 2500V - 10kV Vrwm
  • 1500mA to 15mA
  • 30ns to 3000ns
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Axial-leaded
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Tape-and-reel

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E-zorbTM diodes can withstand higher than normal reverse power surges without permanently damaging the diode junction.

E-zorbTM diodes are useful in many applications ranging from noisy industrial environments to sensitive instrumentation applications.

VMI offers several combinations of reverse power, reverse voltage, forward current, and reverse recovery time.

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