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High Voltage Rectifiers
High Voltage Rectifier Stack Schematic

High Voltage Stack Body Style
Slim Packs (SP)

2.5kV - 20kV, 500mA

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Slim Pack Juniors (SPJ)

10kV - 40kV, 50mA

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Fat Packs (FP)

2.5kV to 20kV, 2.2A

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5KV to 20kV Single Phase Bridges
Single-phase Bridge Schematic.

5kV - 20kV, 2.0A, 70ns - PCB Mount and Threaded Insert Mount
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1000V and less doublers, center taps, single phase, and three phase bridges are no longer available for new designs. VMI will continue to support existing designs.
Contact our Applications Engineering Department about custom design options,including:

- Case or configuration styles
- Additional screening and processing (see HRP 102)

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