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Many processes are used to manufacture high speed devices (e.g. platinum doping, gold doping, irradiation, etc.). Each process results in a somewhat different diode behavior. VMI uses a platinum diffusion technique to optimize the following characteristics:

a. Low Reverse Leakage--typically <1a at rated voltage at 100c junction temperature. (other processes may exhibit> 1mA at rated voltage at room temperature).

b. Low High Temp Reverse Leakage-- typically <20a at the rated voltage at 100c junction temperature. thermal runaway due to reverse leakage is rarely seen on vmi devices operated within rated parameters at temperatures of up to +175c.

c. High Voltage-- VMI's platinum doping process provides high voltage break down characteristics exceeded by no other manufacturer of similiar devices.

Ultra-fast devices graph
Last revised: 21 May 2014