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New and Improved - OC-100HG High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler
OC100HG Opto-couplerOC100HG Schematic
New - 15kV OC150Gand OC150HG Opto-couplers

SMF and SXF Plastic Diodes - 2kV, 3kV, and 5kV
SMF6533 5KV 50mA 70nS high voltage diodeHV diode schematicRoHS Compliant

The SMF and SXF diodes feature up to 5kV in the smallest footprint available. Designed for automatic pick-and-place. Tape-and-reel available.

New Product Data Sheets 

XRS X-ray Power Supply
Neg. 50kV 10W Output
XRS X-ray power supply
The XRS Series power supplies output up to 10W at full rated voltage. It features excellent ripple and regulation.
XRS Data Sheet

CRS180G60 High Voltage 18kV CRT Power Supply

Compact, lightweight, low ripple, excellent regulation. Arc and short-circuit protection standard. Adjustable anode voltage

Last Modified: 16 Feb 2017