Can high voltage transients interfere with data or signal lines through the voltage or current monitor signals?

The signal lines include interface filtering and suppression components designed to protect the signal integrity and internal components. If an arc occurs during operation, transients can be coupled into the signal lines. Using good grounding techniques as well as shielding the interface cable will normally be sufficient to reduce coupled transients to non-disruptive levels.

What kind of protection systems does the HVP have?

There are three main protection systems –

  • Over-voltage
  • Over-current
  • Arc/short-circuit

Over-voltage System: This circuit limits the voltage output of the high voltage transformer to approximately 110% of the rated output.

Over-current System: This circuit limits the output current of the high voltage transformer using a current sense transformer output compared to a preset reference.

Arc/short-circuit System: This protection encompasses a variety of circuits and components working together to protect the internal components from transient effects of an arc as well as to clamp the output current to the current regulation set value in the event of a short circuit condition.