How does temperature effect the output of the MVM302P08 hybrid multiplier?

Keeping all things constant, the output voltage decreases as the temperature increases. There is a significant drop-off at temperatures higher than 150C. Other factors effecting output voltage include load current and operating frequency.

Other hyrid families exhibit the same phenomena. The actual output voltage varies depending partly on the number of stages and input voltage. Other factors include operating frequency, output current, and type of load.

Will a multiplier work at an operating frequency of 60Hz?

No. Most multipliers work best between 25KHz and 150KHz. There are exceptions to the rule, but generally the absolute minimum operating frequency is 10KHz.

Operating frequency directly impacts

  • Ripple voltage (the higher the operating frequency, the lower the ripple voltage)
  • Regulation voltage (the higher the operating frequency, the less drop in output voltage at load)

Higher operating frequencies have greater efficiency in the multiplier. For a slow 60hz signal, very large capacitances would be required to regulate the voltage
properly and have a consistent high voltage output.