What are the maximum storage and operating temperatures for silicon diodes?

VMI’s diodes can easily withstand 175C and 200C non-operating (storage) temperatures.

During operation, junction temperature become very important. As a general rule of thumb, junction temperature should not exceed 125C.

Junction temperature is relative to the operating parameters in the application. If reverse recovery losses are not a factor, care should be taken to ensure the diode does not go into thermal runaway due to reverse current (Ir) losses.

If reverse recovery losses are an issue, the junction temperature should be kept below the point at which reverse recovery losses initial thermal runaway.

Reverse recovery losses can be attributed to reverse recovery time (Trr) of the diode, junction temperature, operating frequency, forward switching current in the circuit, diode series impedance in the circuit, and available thermal paths to get the heat away from the junctions.

Due to the uniqueness of each application, reverse recovery loss analysis must be performed during circuit design and testing.