Yes and no. 100% of our diodes are tested under avalanche conditions at 100uA. Yes, all of our diodes have some avalanche capability.

The real question becomes, “How much?” That varies from diode to diode and depends on several factors including number of junctions, junction area, resistivity of the wafers, the energy or power dissipated, and more.

In avalanche mode, a diode is reverse biased. Leakage current increases exponentially as the reverse voltage increases. Dissipated power increases as leakage current increases, which heats up the diode junction. Heating up the diode junction increases the leakage current, which increases the dissipated power, and so on until the diode fails catastrophically. If the diode is kept cool, it will continue to operate indefinitely.

VMI diodes are tested in such a way as to ensure reverse leakage current is low enough at the rated PIV to help prevent thermal runaway commonly associated with avalanche mode operation.

If the customer knows what the avalanche requirement is, VMI can determine if the diode in mind will meet it.