Balancing resistors and capacitors are generally not required when using VMI diodes. A resistors connected in parallel with a rectifier is intended to balance the reverse bias voltage across the series rectifiers. As such, the resistor value needs to be selected such that the current through the resistor is fairly large compared to the reverse leakage of the diode, thereby making a stiff divider circuit. If there are relatively high leakage currents expected in the diode, this can result in a significant power loss in the balancing resistors.

Capacitors connected in parallel to resistors/diodes can be used to balance voltages across diodes during transient conditions, or ringing. Care must be taken to select the capacitors small enough so as not to impact the rectified waveform at the output of the diode.

VMI’s diodes are well-balanced for Ir and reverse recovery time (Trr).

Many of VMI’s diodes have up to twenty junctions in series. The series junctions operate under many kinds of applications, and all sorts of conditions without compensating resistors or capacitors with no problems.